Different strokes in Detroit

wpid-wp-1447080316539.jpegAndre Drummond and Reggie Jackson put on a show in Portland last night. Drummond finished with 29 points and 27 rebounds while Jackson pumped in 40 points (26 in the 4th quarter). The Drummond numbers are amazing and noteworthy, but Jackson may be able to catapult himself into the top point guard discussion after last night. Detroit is off to a hot start to begin the season and with these two playing as well as they are, the sky is the limit.

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New Look Lakers

Dangelo Russell

Dangelo Russell

The 2015 NBA Draft has a chance to be kind of a big deal for the Los Angeles Lakers with the arrival of Deangelo Russell. Russell will be paired with two other talented young players in Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. Those are good players and could become great someday, but Russell is the next big thing.

The passing is the thing, the guy is a wizard with the ball. I’m looking forward to seeing him “dishin and swishin” for the next 15 years(thank you Clyde Frazier). Russell’s ability to make shots will also be a nice change-up for the Lakers.

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Good ole Dallas

Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks lost a bid for another big name free agent. Blaming the players for not coming to Dallas to play has been a topic of discussion on the local sports talk radio shows today. One radio guy called Andre Jordan an immature baby for not signing with Dallas. All the facts aren’t out and I’m not sure how close that wise radio guy is to DeAndre Jordan, but maybe we should look at the Mavericks role in all of this.

Mark Cuban should get some of the blame for the Mavs not being able to sign top players. His comments in the last few years regarding race relations have been questionable at worst. His comment about black guys walking down the street in a hoodie and all that nonsense, has to be in the back of the mind of these young black men. Not to mention the politics in the state of Texas which happens to be very conservative. Cuban has to get some of the blame.

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2014 Rookie class so far

With all the hype surrounding the 2014 draft class, one would hope that a Lebron James or Kobe Bryant would emerge. The jury is still out on a Kobe emerging since the Mamba got off to a slow start as a rookie. There’s no doubt that a Lebron hasn’t been spotted since none of these rooks have taken the league by storm.

Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker have been solid and will be very good NBA players and could possibly become Kobe’s, i.e. all time greats. 3 of the top 10 picks have suffered big injuries and will miss a lot of time (Embiid, Gordon, Randle), but they have an opportunity to be really good players.

Watch out for Doug McDermott in Chicago and Elfrid Payton in Orlando. Those two guys could be regulars at All-Star weekend.

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2014 NBA Draft

    Ed McMahon would be proud of next year’s annual NBA Draft. “Star Search” is what the draft should be called in 2014, because every other person that walks onto the stage has a chance to be a huge star in the league very soon. Starting with Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle, this class will have a chance to be the greatest draft in the history of all drafts ever drafted.

There are 10 or so other players with perrenial All-Star potential to go along with the aforementioned potential Hall of Famers in Wiggins, Parker and Randle. With that in mind this draft could make well over half the NBA teams must see TV. For example, Marcus Smart, a sophomore guard from Oklahoma State just lit up a top 25 Memphis team for 38 in a nationally televized game. He’s considered a top 10 pick. Kentucky’s entire freshman class could very easily wind up being drafted in the first round alongside Julius Randle. One or both of the Harrison twins will be selected in the lottery and Young,Johnson and the veteran Cauley-Stein all have lottery potential. Kansas also boasts Wayne Selden and Joel Embid as future(2014) lotto picks.

Those are just some of the intriguing stars that have the opportunity to be involved in the June draft next year. They all get high scores from me, so I’m excited to see how they perform this season and position themselves for the draft.

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is proving with each passing series that he’s the best player in the NBA. He can shoot from deep,handle it,dish it and he’s a dog. He has a take your heart out mentality like the great ones -Jordan,Magic,Bird- something that guy in Miami has no clue about. Best player in the game-Kevin Durant.

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2012 All-Star Game

This year’s All-Star game in Orlando should be pretty interesting, seeing as how the coaches and fans picked the wrong players for the game. Surprisingly enough, the fans actually did a better job than than the coaches this year. With that in mind let me spit some fire at the coaches real quick like.

1- How does Josh Smith not make the All-Star team in the East…again? The coaches obviously don’t like this dude, how else does he not make it over Joe Johnson. Joe Johnson is a good player, but when Al Horford went down Johnson stepped up. Stop hatin on JSmoove!

Number 2- Rudy Gay, really Western conference coaches, really? Same story here, Zach Randolph goes down and Rudy Gay carries the team. Did he have to average 30 a game to make the All-Star team, come on man!

Number 3- For selecting Dirk Nowitski the coaches get a “child please” and a “come on man.” Guess Dirk won’t be watching the game at my crib this year. Maybe I’ll invite Khloe and Lamar over instead, they won’t be too busy that weekend.

There were other players left off the squads that would have been fun to watch like Brandon Jennings or James Harden(Black Manu). I’ll still enjoy what is easily the best all star experience in pro sports.


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