Lebron James

All ya’ll need to back up off Lebron, man! First it was the “Decision” and now it’s losing in the NBA Finals. I, for one, happen to think that the “Decision” was a pretty cool idea. If you think about what happens on national signing day for college football, where scads of high school players choose their school of choice. We never know who these kids are before signing day, but we tune in with excitement to see what their “decisions” are. With Lebron, he was a well known commodity which made his choice that much more compelling. The ratings spoke to that as well, since it was one of the most watched shows in that time slot.

Sorry Cleveland, for your loss! Going to Miami and teaming up with D.Wade & Chris Bosh was where Lebron felt he had the best chance to win. I can’t knock his hustle, if that’s what he wants then go ahead. Besides, he balled all season finishing in the top 5 in scoring in the regular season and also being named first team All-NBA. He led the team to the Finals and lost to a better team, but now he’s being crucified for it. Dallas won the championship because they played outstanding defense and made more big shots than Miami. Shawn Marion did a good job of staying in front of Lebron and the Mavs played quite a bit of zone defense. Lebron took what the defense gave him, he could have been more aggressive but the defense dictated where he could go on the court. Bottom line, he’s still young and with another offseason/training camp together, the Heat should be right back in the Finals.


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