2012 All-Star Game

This year’s All-Star game in Orlando should be pretty interesting, seeing as how the coaches and fans picked the wrong players for the game. Surprisingly enough, the fans actually did a better job than than the coaches this year. With that in mind let me spit some fire at the coaches real quick like.

1- How does Josh Smith not make the All-Star team in the East…again? The coaches obviously don’t like this dude, how else does he not make it over Joe Johnson. Joe Johnson is a good player, but when Al Horford went down Johnson stepped up. Stop hatin on JSmoove!

Number 2- Rudy Gay, really Western conference coaches, really? Same story here, Zach Randolph goes down and Rudy Gay carries the team. Did he have to average 30 a game to make the All-Star team, come on man!

Number 3- For selecting Dirk Nowitski the coaches get a “child please” and a “come on man.” Guess Dirk won’t be watching the game at my crib this year. Maybe I’ll invite Khloe and Lamar over instead, they won’t be too busy that weekend.

There were other players left off the squads that would have been fun to watch like Brandon Jennings or James Harden(Black Manu). I’ll still enjoy what is easily the best all star experience in pro sports.



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