2014 NBA Draft

    Ed McMahon would be proud of next year’s annual NBA Draft. “Star Search” is what the draft should be called in 2014, because every other person that walks onto the stage has a chance to be a huge star in the league very soon. Starting with Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle, this class will have a chance to be the greatest draft in the history of all drafts ever drafted.

There are 10 or so other players with perrenial All-Star potential to go along with the aforementioned potential Hall of Famers in Wiggins, Parker and Randle. With that in mind this draft could make well over half the NBA teams must see TV. For example, Marcus Smart, a sophomore guard from Oklahoma State just lit up a top 25 Memphis team for 38 in a nationally televized game. He’s considered a top 10 pick. Kentucky’s entire freshman class could very easily wind up being drafted in the first round alongside Julius Randle. One or both of the Harrison twins will be selected in the lottery and Young,Johnson and the veteran Cauley-Stein all have lottery potential. Kansas also boasts Wayne Selden and Joel Embid as future(2014) lotto picks.

Those are just some of the intriguing stars that have the opportunity to be involved in the June draft next year. They all get high scores from me, so I’m excited to see how they perform this season and position themselves for the draft.


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